Defining What Self Bunded Tanks Are

If you happen to be involved in a business organization with a constant requirement for hefty volumes of petrochemical liquids or it needs to have its fuel to be readily available in its facility or site, your company should start considering the use of self bunded tanks. This type of storage tank should become your storage solution of your choice.  

When you say a tank is self bunded, that means to say that its highlight feature is its tank within another tank. They are equipped with double steel walls so as to allow for safe and effective storage of your fuel, diesel, or any other liquid for that matter.

These tanks are sometimes referred to double-walled tanks, and they come with an inner and an outer tank. The gap in between these is a space capacity that is 110% of the inner tank’s space. In an event of leakage, the outer wall is set to capture and contain them. And in the process of doing so, it completely eliminates any chances of environmental contamination from ever happening.  

Cost Effective Storage for Fuel and Other Valuable Liquids

Self-bunded tanks are capable of holding hefty amounts of liquids, and are thus suitable not just for domestic but even for commercial application, too. The storage capacity for this type of liquid containment facility would start from 1,000 liters up to 150, 000 liters.

By installing such kind of storage feature to your site or facility, your staff, workers, or employees will not have to worry about leaving the company premises just so they could have their machinery or vehicle refueled. This saves your company a significant amount of time and money which your staff or employee normally spends on when traveling to and from a nearby refueling station.

Additionally, installing this kind of feature on your site is expected to help in minimizing related costs as well as the time needed to set it all up. Furthermore, you also have this added advantage of a safe fuel limit, that is, 10% greater compared to standard tanks that have the same similar capacity. This signifies that what your tank contains will take so much longer in between refills.


Self bunded tanks are suitable for storing diesel, fuel, petrochemical, biodiesel, oil, waste oil, and chemical applications. In addition, they are also easy to relocate and can be installed even in the most remote locations which are best suited to the most landscape features here in Australia. Installation for this equipment is direct and simple, any additional monitoring equipment can be fitted to suit your requirements.  


Self bunded fuel storage tanks are built for the tough job. They usually come with double steel walls so as to keep spillage and leaks from occurring. If anything similar close to it ever happens, it will be contained in the second, outer tank.  However, it is important to know that the possibility of leakage in the first wall, sometimes referred to as the bund wall, is very unlikely to happen. Simply because this structure is robust enough, and are designed to prevent the occurrence of leaks or spillage.  


It is not unusual for self bunded fuel tanks to come with various innovative features. They are high-quality storage facility that can be practically used for domestic and commercial purposes. If you are still uncertain whether this type of storage tank is suitable for your needs or not, you may want to consult professional advice from a reputable supplier near you.

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