Plasma Cutting Table and Laser Cutting Table: Deciding Between the Two

With the help of laser and cutting tables, it has become a lot easier to create CAD/CAM-design with high-quality parts from different materials and metals. Given that they are both beneficial, which do you think would be the right one for you and best for your needs? Since it would be a bit difficult to choose which is better between a laser and plasma cutting table, below are some information about these two that will help you as you make the right choice.


Plasma Cutting Tables

Plasma cutting has actually been around for a long time now. However, it is only recently that they became more popular. In the past, early cnc plasma cutter for sale on the local market used to leave some chips and scars on metals and different materials that they cut and were considered to be a bit inefficient. Given this, they were not really acknowledged to be the ideal choice when it comes to precision applications.

But today, plasma cutting technology has become so refined- reason why it is used by millions of companies and shops across the world. By far, it is considered to be one of the best ways to cut conductive metals like aluminum and stainless steel. Here are some of its known benefits.


Lowest Operational Costs

Less power is consumed in plasma cutting than in laser cutting. This means that the operational costs when employing plasma cutting will be a lot lower than when using laser cutters.


Faster Production Rate

You can achieve a very fast production rate with plasma cutting, especially if you are working with materials that are thicker which can often slow down laser cutters.


Can Cut Very Thick Materials

With plasma cutting tables, you can easily cut different materials that are multiple inches when it comes to thickness. This is something that may not be achieved with laser cutters.


Laser Cutting Tables

This one makes use of a high-powered CO2 laser in order to cut metals and different types of materials. Laser cutting has also been around for decades now and is considered to be a good option or manufacturers and shop that requires flexibility. Here are some of its other benefits.


Can Cut Different Materials

Laser cutting can be utilized on fabrics, metals, plastics, even wood- making it a flexible option for various projects.


Accurate and Precise

With lasers, it’s possible to achieve an accurate and more precise results unlike when using plasma cutters, though it may leave some marring or scarring.


Can be Used in Detail Works

Laser is often used to add more details to a finished project. This may include engraving and decorations.

So, which is Right for My Business?

If you are a business owner and you will be using a cutting table to make parts out of thick and highly-conductive metals, then a CNC plasma cutting table is the right one for you, especially for high volume projects.

On the other hand, if you need precision and versatility, then opt for a laser cutting table. Just make sure that you take your time comparing these two options and figure out the best one that will meet your needs.